Reality; it’s so subjective

What has always been a mystery to me is if we are all connected, if we are all part of the same experience and system, if we are all one, then how can we be so self-destructive? How are there acts of hatred, acts of violence, acts of war, if these are acts we inflict upon ourselves? Many modern religious teachings focus on (and in fact exalt) the individual experience – one god loves each and every one of us individually. So if that’s the case and this god demands that our individuality be sworn and bound to his path alone, then the morals of that particular god exist in this world and there is such a thing as right and wrong.

However, nature does not have morals in such a way; there is only balance. The idea of the individual is important more so in the framework of the group rather than focusing on a solo experience of existence. There is no room for the true individual, for each individual’s thoughts and actions directly influence the experience of everyone. The idea of oneness is that all individuals are part of the same source of energy (called Source, or Spirit, or even God) and that this energy has fragmented into all of the individual souls that exist as our Higher Selves, the immortal portion of ourselves, our soul; we are the physical projections of our Higher Selves and it is through our physical and emotional experiences that we learn and grow and understand our true nature. This means that it is in fact the journey that matters most, and distractions that we surround ourselves with truly are hindrances in our personal growth and are latched onto as a byproduct of fear. The human ego is the true enemy of spiritual understanding, bred out of selfishness and ultimately by fear. By clinging to extreme individuality, we are also clinging to separation and entitlement, selfishness and disconnectedness.

It is important to note that these experiences are part of the human condition, and in fact are arguably required for spiritual growth. The concept of attracting your mirror makes sense here; you attract those who are currently operating on the same vibrational frequency as yourself, and thus you shall see a reflection of yourself in the partner you choose, in the relationships you have. We attract others because of what they can teach us about ourselves and our existence, highlighting the experiences we must go through in order to grow spiritually. This is why if we have something to learn from an experience, if we have a strong reaction to an experience, we will continue to have that type of experience until we find no use for it anymore. We will continue to recreate the same experience and attract the same energies until we have moved past the usefulness of those experiences, having transcended the need for them. Without the past emotional trauma (that I drew to me because my Higher Self needed to see/feel/experience these things in order to grow) I never would have grown.. without past relationships never would have seen fully how much I allowed myself to be the victim, wanted to be the victim, and despite knowing that I held a victim mentality how scared I was to let that part of me go. There was a sense of safety and comfort in it, and despite it being false it is still powerful. It was only when I was able to fully take a step back from myself and observe my behavior and the patterns therein that I realized what I had been doing. It was only then that I really saw, and only then could I begin to stop being the victim.

It is worthwhile to note that the act of observing has been proven to change the outcome of the situation being observed – this is a quantum-mechanical truth. Therefore, every time an individual observes a situation, that individual is creating the reality that then exists. Reality is the byproduct of intention and attention – the mix of what we expect/desire to see and what occurs when we actively observe. The more individuals who believe the same way, the more likely they will create a more powerful reality that thus overrides any other reality it comes across. The reality around us is a combined projection of our energies, of our perceptions. Again, it is scientifically proven that the heart emanates an electromagnetic field – it’s one of the reasons we can perform certain scans on the heart and body, by measuring the heart’s electromagnetic field. Thus, the world around is is created by our vibrational patterns and the vibrational patterns of other individuals around us.

It’s electromagnetism and the constructive interference of wave patterns, the thought patterns emanating from all beings (and most likely also including destructive interference to any other reality’s electromagnetic waveform, effectively canceling others out). This effect happens because electromagnetism operates at a lower level of consciousness, in three-dimensional space. In order to move to a higher level of consciousness, the third dimension must be left behind and that is where the electromagnetic waveforms exist.

The fourth-dimensional representations of the electromagnetic waveforms exist simultaneously as there is nothing but NOW in the fourth dimension, the dimension of space-time. In the third dimension, there is a lag between the thought and an action, as the thought has to propagate though three-dimensional space. In the fourth dimension, there is no propagation time as things exist without the concept of time. This can be a difficult thing to conceptualize, and oftentimes I’ve noticed as soon as I get a grasp of what this truly is, my brain jumps to a different thought or topic as if its trying to avoid seeing the truth or that the truth is avoiding being seen; it is important to note that perhaps I am currently vibrating at a lower frequency due to acts of weakness and the consumption of processed foods and meat (more on that later).

As corporeal beings, we are the temporary manifestation of something greater, our Higher Self, that which exists beyond the physical dimension and connects us to the Source Energy of the universe. We must embrace something bigger than ourselves, the greater consciousness and oneness of the universe.

I know personally I need to start ingesting things that allow my physical body to vibrate at higher energy frequencies. I want to attract others of that type of vibration. If I am the master of my own reality then I have the power to change it. The reason why it is so difficult to change one’s reality is that there are so many other realities bombarding us that the field can be overwhelming. Since every creature has its own magnetic field emanating from it, the more like-minded people (who vibrate at the same frequency or harmonics of that frequency) that gather together the more powerful that field becomes (the property of constructive interference of waves/vibration). This is illustrated by the idea of ‘the power of prayer’ as many individuals of similar energy focus their energy on a particular outcome – this will alter the reality of everyone around them and that effect will propagate.


Think on that for a time. You know it to be true. I know it to be true. I have experienced such a thing so many times in my life; the many dreams I’ve had that I thought happened in reality but only happened in my mind were still true to my mind, and I had to convince myself that what I dreamed was not real.

In the fourth dimension everything exists simultaneously. Hawking says that “every possible history of the universe exists simultaneously,” Perhaps it is in dreams that we are easily able to traverse fully to the fourth (or higher) dimensions; in dreams, everything is possible and everything happens at once, which is why time makes little sense in the dream world. This is also why lucid dreaming is a very powerful technique that can help one connect and communicate with their Higher Self through the subconscious and the Higher Selves of others, in addition to entities that do not exist in the corporeal/physical third dimension.

A human being is a part of a whole—called by us ‘universe’—a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ~ Einstein

Despite the oneness of the universe and the fact that all of reality does in fact stem from one Source Energy, reality in its essence inevitably boils down to one’s individual perspective  and perception of it… but what is perception? We create the universe by projecting our perspective onto the physical manifestation of existence and we perceive it through that perspective. We are projectors, and every thought we have creates our reality and shapes our interpretation of that reality. With others we co-create circumstances, but our interpretation of every event is our own and that is our unique perspective, something that we can control and create. Truth and reality are subjective, and we choose the beliefs that benefit us and our journey toward individual growth. Each individual assigns different thoughts and meanings to our experiences; this is why some people view pain as pleasurable or vice versa. The brain works as an interface between your thoughts (which are connecting you to your Higher Self) and your body in the physical dimension.

We are all here to experience existence, but we would not have a gauge in which to measure our experiences if we did not have each other. The others we encounter in this existence help shape and form our reality as we shape and form theirs. If we truly are all one, then the more we meet ourselves with compassion, love, understanding, and patience we will help the pieces of us that have become lost in the experience of physical reality find their way back on the path of true light. Suffering is a byproduct of our dissatisfaction with ourselves. It is through the removal of petty concerns and selfishness that we shall all find a common and productive vibrational frequency that will heal us all.


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